What Is Better? The Movie Or The Book?

Valerie Donati

One of the coolest things that happened to me when I was around ten-years-old was the introduction of a free movie night at the local library. I can still remember sitting with my family cross-legged on the library’s carpeted floor before the movies started, earnest expectation welling up in my chest, the smell of books all around, the sound of the projector feeding film through its reels, getting ready to disappear into another space and time. 

For a young person already enamored with books, the introduction of film into my repertoire of storytelling was intoxicating. Now, I had two outlets for my endless imagination, and I found that I loved them equally, but for different reasons. Film was able to engage me through sound, and more importantly, music. Today, my Apple playlist is dominated by film and television scores. Music, coupled with the drama on the screen was mesmerizing. Long after the movie was over, I was still listening to the musical score in my head, recalling the various scenes through the sounds of the story as much as what I had witnessed.

I did, however, feel that if I wanted to truly lose myself in a story, books were better. I had more time with a character, I could get under their skin more intensely, understand their motives, feel their feelings. And there was more time. Stories through film had to be cleverly and beautifully packaged into a mere two hours, while the books that most fascinated me tended to be long tomes. I had time with my characters. And that was a good thing.

Fast forward to today, and I am now knee deep in an exciting project – bringing immersive books to life. Merging my love of moving images, sounds and music with stories is a dream come true. I want to help young readers get excited about stories by developing books in a genre they know and love – digital.

I believe that there is a new generation of readers who will want their stories to be shared in an immersive way, and we are here for that. We believe that this will only enhance the reading experience. We hope you’ll join us on this journey. We are just getting started!