What seemed unimaginable – virtual worlds made so real you want to live in them – is now not only possible, but normal to emerging generations.

Kids everywhere are taken with games because they can be the ultimate transportation system - providing them with endless hours of fun. Books still rate high, but gaming and other digital pursuits are naturally part of their daily lives.

What if you could merge the written word with visual and audible experiences? How cool if digital natives could read their favorite books while being immersed in music, and with the ability to see some of the storylines come to life before their eyes.

That’s what The Color Of Music is all about. We’re not trying to change books, but we think a digital experience is an awesome addition to the repertoire of reading. We believe the immersive book will be an important part of the future of books.

So, come along as we start this journey! Others have already started doing it, the more the merrier! We believe in the unlimited potential of books to inspire all aspects of our lives. We hope you do too!

If you’ve got a few moments we’d love your feedback on this new experience. We won’t take your details, just some of your thoughts on how we can improve this experience for readers!
Valerie has always been a storyteller. She began writing the first iteration of The Color Of Music when she was just 12-years old, and the story of Esme, Asen, Kurkle and the band has since been a lifelong passion project.  So much of her own story has been woven into this book, from her experiences of living in New York City (just like the protagonist Esme) to moments of adventure and inspiration found in green spaces while living in London.

As a brand strategist, Valerie has used her love of storytelling to help build dynamic communications platforms and marketing strategies for her clients. 

In January 2007, Valerie founded her own firm Brand Building Communications with clients that included L’Oreal Paris, Bausch & Lomb and Mars Wrigley, among others. In 2010 she launched another project close to her heart, 24 Savvy, a community-based news platform designed to provide guests with creative solutions for everyday living. 

She has also served for 12 years as a board member of charity: water – an influential non-profit providing water for communities throughout the world. 

Today, she runs her company from sunny Miami, developing programs for a variety of organizations. Oh, and she loves watching amusing cat videos when she needs an uplift.
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