Musical Instrument: Triangle
Hobby: Amateur Detective

13-year-old Esme Gray is average height and rail thin, with bony elbows and ankles, and a basic, plain face. Not ugly, but not pretty. With small lips, eyebrows that disappear because they are so fair, and a little nose, nothing about Esme’s appearance is exceptional, except for the exquisite color of her large, deep green eyes. “Just like the inner fire of an emerald,” her mother had pointed out in a rare, poetic moment.

In fact, that is why her parents had named her Esmerelda. Now, this ordinary girl was in the middle of an extraordinary adventure, and she could barely believe it. Struggling with her feelings around the death of her parents, and more alone than she has ever been in her life, Esme is desperate to find a way to stop her heart from aching. Still, she couldn’t have imagined that being rescued from a dunking in the North Sea by an elderly band of British musicians was the answer. From their stirring but unusual music, to their quirky personalities and the obscure place they call home, Esme finds that life with the band does transport her away from sadness, but at what cost?