Experience a story’s sights, sounds and characters in a brand-new way. This immersive book is a preview of The Color of Music, an upcoming fantasy novel that explores the use of empathy, music and adventure to change the world.
Rescued out of the North Sea after a boating accident by grandfatherly English musicians, 13-year-old Esme finds herself fighting alongside these elderly good guys in a battle to overcome a murderous ex-bandmember.

And when the young New Yorker meets musically gifted, 14-year-old Asen, a Bulgarian Roma who joins them on their adventure, something like love awakens in her as they partner up to uncover the band’s true mission.

Why does the band travel in secret? How does their music magically transport the listener to far-off places where they literally meet people from all around the world? And how is it that the bandleader’s eyes can suddenly flash with a fierce purple light?

The Color of Music is a cosmic fantasy trilogy about a girl and a boy who are pushed to test their strength and, in doing so, discover it all while learning that destiny crosses not just borders of country, but of imagination, music, physics, and love.