The Perfect Reading Spot

Jess Henderson

I’ve recently moved house and so I’ve got to find a new place for everything. Where does the frying pan go? Where does the cute coffee table book look best? What part of my house is best for doing my makeup? And most importantly, where, oh where, is my perfect cozy reading spot? 

I don’t know about you, but I need a really comforting environment to get really lost in a book. I read pretty much exclusively fantasy fiction, and so I need to feel really snug to get swept away in a far-off adventure. 

So I’ve created my own recipe for the perfect reading spot based on the five senses. Here we go… 


I’m a big scent person. A great-smelling candle that makes it feel kind of romantic in the room is KEY to my reading environment. The right scent helps me feel relaxed and at ease, even when reading a thriller! Try using a calming essential oil if you don’t have a candle handy. Or some fresh Eucalyptus. 


As a musician, I get super specific about what I listen to. I get distracted by noise quite easily, so I listen to a really simple playlist of piano and ambient instrumentals while I read. Sometimes, even some white noise like rain helps me to focus. 


This feels like an obvious one but, find a spot that is comfortable and inviting. I have a soft warm blanket that I use - even in the summertime! 


I’m an avid tea drinker, it’s probably the English roots in me. So I have a cup of English Breakfast Tea within arm's length pretty much at all times. Whatever your beverage of choice, coffee, water or wine, make sure you are all set up before you start reading.


Last but not least, crucial to a great reading spot, is great lighting. You’ve got to look after your eyesight! Don’t be tempted to read into the twilight hours without a good lamp or booklight to guide you. 

What do you need to make your home or room read-ready?