Positive Screen Time

Valerie Donati

There is a lot of well-founded chatter about the negative effects of screen time for kids, but how about viewing screen time through a more positive lens? There is a fair amount of evidence that digital tools, done right, can help with school readiness, and even encourage literacy and communication. E-books, for instance, are said to improve reading proficiency.  

According to an October 2019 study out of Oxford, Cardiff, and Cambridge Universities, screen time in moderation can have a positive effect on kids. Watching television or using digital devices can increase one’s social and emotional well-being.

A July 2020 report from the nonprofit Common Sense Media suggested that parents should focus more on what their kids are consuming and less on how many hours they're logging.

So, what are the types of digital consumption? According to the Common Sense Census there are 4 types of screentime:

Is the medium the problem, or what is what is being consumed on the medium the issue? I think we can all agree that building up our communication skills with family chat apps is good for our kid’s socialization. There are fantastic TV shows that promote everything from how to treat others, to learning how to spell. Playing games helps with critical thinking, and building your own content helps flex a creative muscle.

If you are here, you know that we like screen time. We want to see books brought to life using the magic of digital platforms. We don’t think young people should spend all their day on their smartphones or computers, but we do think an immersive reading experience can bring a great deal of enjoyment to reading and be a positive form of screen time. And we are here for that. We hope you are too!