5 Ideas To Get Your Students To Fall In Love With Reading

Jess Henderson

  1. Involve students in the selection of reading materials. Allowing them to choose books that interest them will help them to stay engaged with the material. Stay up-to-date with what books are trending on #BookTok and present the best options to your class. 
  2. Incorporate activities into their reading. For example:
  1. Create a classroom library that they can borrow from. This gives those who might not think to walk into their school or local library easy access to new reading material. 
  2. Use technology to engage students. Incorporate digital books, audiobooks, and interactive games into the reading curriculum.
  3. Get them involved in writing - writing their own stories! Collaborating with other writers can be a great way to engage students in reading. 

Got any other ideas that have worked for you and your students?

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